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New to the Y? Now with your new membership you will receive 1 month of unlimited adult group classes.  Offer will commence on the day your new membership begins.  To qualify as a new member you must not have been a member of the Owen County YMCA in the last 13 months.

NEW! Flexible Fitness Unlimited Class Pass

Y Members can now register for a $28/month bank draft that allows them to take as many adult group exercise classes as they want (ballroom dancing is now included due to the progressive nature).  Members must commit to 3 complete consecutive months for the Unlimited Class Pass. Y Members can purchase the Flexible Fitness Class…
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Descriptions of Classes Offered at the Y

Aquatic Classes Aqua Fit A high energy workout in the water – endurance and strength without the stress on your joints! Instructor: Colleen Cardio Splash Focuses on improving range of motion with emphasis on a slightly longer cardio portion of your workout. Instructor: Lindsay Adult Fitness Active Adult Warm up, 20 minutes of low impact cardiovascular…
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