YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

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YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

The Owen County Health Department is providing funding to help 10 qualified applicants enroll in the national CDC-approved YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.  This program, although new to our Y, has had tremendous success across the country over the last decade, boasting a risk reduction of 58% overall and 71% in those age 60+.

The national price set for this year-long program is $429/person, but the health department is covering $329 per person and the Y is prepared to scholarship up to 80% of the balance based on financial need.  This is a great opportunity to improve the lives of those on the verge of diabetes and we are determined not to let finances get in the way.

Help us get the word out and fill those 10 spots!  If we can help these 10 people, others will likely step forward to scholarship additional enrollees.  One thing I, Laura, have seen in my 21 years in Owen County is how great folks are at lending a helping hand!

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