Youth Jiu Jitsu

Benefits of Jiu Jitsu:

  • Develops confidence and mental toughness
  • Meditative while providing a full-body workout
  • Creates new friendships
  • Combines strength, cardio, and problem-solving

Instructor: Professor Dax Razzano

  • A decorated martial artist, Prof. Razzano is a lifelong grappler, having won titles in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling and judo, and is an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation gold medalist
  • 4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and a Judo black belt
  • Competes, teaches, and trains law enforcement departments
  • Teaches self-defense, sport judo and conditioning at IU

Youth Class, Sat 11:00 – 11:55am

Adult Class (ages 15+), Sat 12:00 – 12:55pm

Youth Jiu Jitsu