Meet Rita: How Your Donations Help Our Community

The Y is filled with possibility and potential. Children, adults, and families look to us to provide guidance, support, and help them unlock their potential. We rely on generous donors like you to make this possible.

Here is one example of what you’ve made possible:

Photo of Rita - A Y member that overcame chronic pain.Rita’s pain management doctor wanted her to do water therapy with a physical therapist, and she was not thrilled… Instead, Rita decided to join the YMCA to use our heated therapy pool and meet new people. When Rita joined, she was using a walker due to her unsteady balance and neuropathy in both of her legs. She joined the Cardio Splash class two times a week. Over time her health showed dramatic improvement both physically and mentally! Rita started attending the class three times a week and has met some amazing friends along the way.

One year later, Rita no longer uses her walker and is able to get around with only a cane. Her balance and other health issues have improved through her attendance at the Y. Rita shares, “The pool is a great feature for the YMCA and has truly helped me and so many others improve our health.”

Each year, we serve over 3,000 members in our pools, weightroom, group exercise classes, and other programming. The physical and mental health benefits enabled by the YMCA are priceless.

When you support the Y, you extend a helping hand to individuals like Rita in your community. Your contribution becomes a blessing for a neighbor in need. Please consider donating to the Y, enabling us to continue our impactful work together, and fostering community support and connection at all times of the year.